Home and Away 2003
12 monitor silent video installation

Exhibited as part of HOME AND OTHER FICTIONS... a solo exhibition at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, UK 2003 - 04



HOME AND AWAY is a silent,12 monitor video installation that attempts to bring together my closest friends from the UK and from Canada. The monitors are displayed in a gentle arc to represent the curvature of the globe. Each video represents a different household by presenting a static shot of the living room interior, centered on a couch or armchair. For the majority of each hour-long videotape, nothing much 'happens'... pets mill around and the light slowly changes - just enough activity to situate the imagery between moving sequence and static moment. Intermittently, participants slowly enter the screen, pause briefly in front of the camera and are held in a still portrait before getting up and exiting the screen. The entrances and exits of the participants are slowed to less than half speed, distorted the sense of time. Five of the houses that the participants are shot in are places that I have also lived in over the years including my current home. As with many of my works, the piece addresses a sense of longing for a unity that can never be, and explores the relationship between people and places. The title of the work references the Australian soap opera popular in the UK in the late eighties and early nineties and this reference to television and 'domestic drama' extends to the 'reality-based' programmes that are currently pervasive. The multiple silent screens are also suggestive of web cams and surveillance, presenting multiple portals in to other lives.