In My Mind I Live In New York 2005
three-channel synchronized video installation


2005 - Exhibited as part of site reading, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Canada

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This new video work weaves together three strands of narrative about the life of Bernie Flaman, heritage architect for the Province of Saskatchewan and my next-door neighbour. Bernie has mentioned to me several times that 'in his mind he lives in New York' and the project grew from this idea that our identities are formed by the stories we tell – to others and to ourselves. I’m interested in the notion of humans as homo fabula, storytellers who live in the fluid world of narrative, making sense of our lives and locations through an intertextuality of facts, memories and fantasies. On the left hand screen Bernie is at home in his Regina condo, showing us aspects of his downtown, urban life. On the right hand screen, we see him at his family farm in Southey – his 'upstate getaway’. On the screen in the middle we are on the move, in between, drifting through the Saskatchewan landscape.