In Time 1996


1996 - MFA thesis exhibition, University of Windsor, Canada
1997 - Staging like S P A C E S, the Artlab, University of Western Ontario, Canada
(Four person show, curated by Kim Simon and Jenifer Papararo.)
1999 - YYZ artists outlet, Toronto, Canada


This work attempts to address the relative nature of time. As the viewer enters the gallery, two small monitors with my smiling face, set into tiled boxed resembling medicine cabinets, greet them. The main installation is comprised of three elements: a spoken word sound track, a large sculptural element surrounded by a circle of shower curtains and a two projector slide dissolve projected on to the surface of the object.

A female voice (mine) recounts four stories. Each is a tale somehow related to time, holes and anxiety. Story one is about a fear of breaking my neck, story two is a reoccurring dream about shitting, story three is about a childhood dream where a hole in the floor opens up and pulls me in and story four is about a man who asks me the time and then slips his hand into my cardigan and feels my breast. The soundtrack has been produced as a sixty-minute text performance that continuously repeats with slight variations in the stories.

In the centre of the space sits a large circular object covered in small white ceramic tiles. The hybrid object is three feet tall and six feet in diameter with a one foot deep dip in the middle. The object is part bathroom fixture and part model of the entry to a black hole. Surrounding the object is a circle of semi translucent shower curtains, twelve feet in diameter. They are hung from the ceiling on a circular shower rail.

Two slide projectors, a dissolve unit and two right-angled mirrors are positioned in the ceiling of the space. The projectors emit an endless stream of long, sensual, eight-second dissolves, blending images of bathrooms with images of body parts and nature. The dip in the sculptural object changes before the viewersÍ eyes from plug hole, to draped fabric, to a bodily orifice, to a hole in the ground and on and on.