Nomads Land 2002
three-channel video installaiton and interactive website


2002 - Ffresh: contemporary art from Wales, G39 Gallery, Cardiff Wales UK (DVD version)
2002 - I
MAGES Festival of Independent Film, Video and New Media, Toronto Canada (interactive web version)

This project is presented in two versions: a three monitor DVD installation and an interactive web project.



Both versions present silent, slowed, looped excerpts from three recent films about World War II. The left hand screen shows moments from Life is Beautiful and the right hand screen, moments from Enemy at the Gates. Each of these fragments show the 'hero' walking endlessly towards his death, suspended and trapped in the last moments of life with his executioner by his side. The centre screen presents an excerpt from Saving Private Ryan where time collapses: the face of the young soldier remembered morphs into the face of the old soldier remembering and then back again, never quite one without something of the other, past and future merged. Each fragment presents moments outside of language, drenched in pathos as the drama reveals its inevitable conclusion.

The project acknowledges our current historical moment where the actual lives lived during World War ll are reaching an end and personal narratives become fictions as the last witnesses and participants of an event slip away into the past. My work addresses the way in which this historical moment is echoed and dramatised as culturally, we digest, translate, mediate and attempt to comprehend these horrors and dramas of human tragedy in forms that blend 'historical document' with popular entertainment.