Save Our Souls 2003
solo exhibition at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina Canada. 3 installations


Curated by Patricia Deadman and accompanied by a brochure with essay by the Curator.




SOS 2000 / 2003
Single channel silent video installation using a 3" LCD monitor embedded into the mirrored top of a steel trolley, surrounded by clear curtains with text and morse code as motifs in vinyl lettering.
The work references two narratives of crisis and commu
nication. In 1995, Jean-Dominique Bauby suffered a stroke that left him paralysed except for one muscle - his left eyelid. Through a painstaking process, Bauby dictated his autobiography The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly, letter by letter, by blinking his eye as the alphabet was read to him. In 1844, after several failed attempts, Samuel Morse sent the first telegraph message from Washington Baltimore. Morse's dilemma was what the content of this historic first message should be. After much deliberation and anxiety, he used a passage from the Bible (Numbers 23.23), suggested to him by the daughter of a friend.At the centre of the installation is a small monitor mounted inside a mirrored plexi frame.The video is an eye that repeatedly blinks Morse code and attempts to communicate Samuel Morse's first historic message:WHAT HATH GOD WROUGHT. A clear vinyl curtain forms a cubicle around the monitor. Attached to the curtain are mirrored vinyl letters and corresponding Morse code, which contain the letters used in the blinking message.
In the collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery.

I Wonder What He Saw Lying There... 1999
This installation is one of a series of works that investigate the bathroom as a site of anxiety and loss.

Three 40" x 60" colour photographs of my bathroom interior, shot from below as if lying on the floor.

Twenty-six mirrored plexi glass letters 10" high are strewn across the floor. The letters spell out the title of the piece but are placed in a
jumble. The lighting is positioned so as to cast reflections of the letters across the wall and across the surface of the images.

Cough/In 2003
Mirror with scratched text that reads ‘its not the cough that carries you off it’s the coffin they carry you off in’.(Catch phrase of British comedian George Fornby Senior, who was dying of tuberculosis).
5 feet high x 18 inches wide with refection across the floor.

Installation view
MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina Canada
May - September 2003