The Sun Never Sets: Victoria Park in Context
An exhibition by Rachelle Viader Knowles and Don GIll, curated by Elizabeth McLuhan with Bernie Flaman.
Part of the Regina Public Library Centennial Celebrations.

Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, Canada July 25 - September 14 2008


Parc Victoria, Victoria Park 2008

Two channel video installation featuring Ruby Ridgeway.


Specifically for this exhibition, I have made two new works that connect Victoria Park in Regina with the Victoria Park in my home town of Cardiff in Wales…another colonized country/people. As an artist, much of the work I do explores communication and relationships between people and places. Within the context of the Regina Public Library, I wanted to make works that use words.

In the gallery, the two-channel video piece called Parc Victoria – Victoria Park features my god-daughter Ruby Ridgeway, a bilingual Welsh/English speaker who lives in the area of Cardiff called Victoria Park, right next to the park. Although I have known Ruby all her life, my relationship with her has always been in English and her identity and experience as a Welsh speaker is one that I am only now getting to know. To accompany the new video work, I have provided a selection of photographs which I shot of Victoria Park while in Cardiff.

The text Think of England, inserted into Victoria Park which sits infront of the Dunlop Art Gallery, is both political in its historical instruction to respect and consider a ‘motherland’ and a critique as a question posed to the reader – what do YOU think of England? It is also a personal question posed to and by myself as someone born there, unsure of how to address nationhood, national affiliation, a sense of longing and belonging to place, as someone who grew up English as a ‘foreigner’ in Wales and lives as a ‘foreigner’ here, both places where local languages were systematically suppressed through acts of attempted eradication by the English.

In addition, I have included in the exhibition a panel of photographs shot in Victoria Park, Cardiff.



Think of England 2008
Site-specific public art project in Victoria Park, Regina.